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2021 Highlights

Wow, that was a year to remember and learn from. Navigating Covid practically, resource-wise and how to maintain and improve what we do for our beneficiaries was a challenge. Our staff in the UK and Guatemala have been extremely hard working navigating many covid emergencies and creatively adapting our support for our beneficiaries.

In Guatemala we have found that covid curfews occurred but ‘working to live’ frequently caused the breaking of these and consequential fuelling the pandemic. A number of our beneficiaries needed specialist support which thanks to the response to our “White Flag appeal” we have been able to provide. Our “White Flag appeal” had this name as the Guatemalan Government were telling people to stand on the side of the road waving a white flag if they could not buy food!

The use of virtual mentoring has become essential and has enabled contact to continue. The 87 young adults and mentors we support through our Youth Mentoring programme have progressed well. 14 Youth Mentoring programme members have been given support with integrating into working mainly for different community projects where their life experience can benefit those they serve.

Youth Mentoring Programme

Our street rescue team have worked throughout the pandemic taking many precautions. Their environment was/is a massive challenge as these street living are not cared for at all, health-wise, so have been hit particularly hard with Covid. Despite this, we have supported 308 to leave street life for rehab, to join our youth mentoring programme or to return to their families. Unfortunately, we have supported 78 funerals of street living young people. This number of deaths is an illustration of the desperate needs amongst this population of street living young people. Allowing dignity of burial is important and causes much reflection amongst those who are alive! Two former street living young people who have been and remain in our Youth Mentoring programme now work for the street team.

Time of Rescue street rescue

The Girls home (20 girls) has managed to keep clear of Covid during 2021. This is a credit to the staff managing difficult circumstances. The girls have continued to ‘heal’ from their life experiences, many of which were extreme abuse. They have managed to keep their education going through this year. 2 girls have left the home, having been engaging with the Youth Mentoring programme during the last 2 -3 years in preparation for this time, and joined our Youth Mentoring programme.

Girls Home joining with Youth Mentoring Programme

The school serving 278 children from the local rubbish dump area has been a big challenge. The curriculum has, thanks to free data availability for WhatsApp, been handled over WhatsApp. Work has been delivered to a central point and lessons conducted virtually. 2 older pupils have now joined our Youth Mentoring programme following 2 years of engagement through school.

Young Adults from the Education Center join Youth Mentoring Programme

In the UK we have supported 75 churches and charities with their community projects. These projects predominantly impact young people in a variety of ways for example x y z . Our support has been to provide training courses and 1 to 1 training support that assist with how to deliver their projects and make them sustainable through good practice and fundraising.

Our experience with our Youth Mentoring programmes both in the UK and Guatemala has been brought together to produce courses benefiting both UK (via our Nicodemus Training website) and Guatemala churches and charities. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with churches and charities as we believe this will produce maximum impact. We have encountered many people with passion in churches and charities and we are delighted to help support them.

2021 has been a costly year for us all that has brought focus on the future. Nicodemus looks forward to helping many many more young people in 2022 as a result of the continuing support of our donors.


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