Across the country, at least  25%  of youth will not be able to read and write when they grow up.

53% of secondary school-aged children in Guatemala are not enrolled in school.

Roughly half of all families in Guatemala live below the poverty line. Children are growing up with limited access to electricity, running water, and sanitation.

Young Adults with Purpose

Having experienced life-enriching restoration in their own lives, the young adults we work with become impassioned and equipped to participate in and lead initiatives that serve others. Nicodemus provides the practical and financial support for this to happen through bi-monthly community outreach activities such as hospital visits, activities for street youth and child shoe shiners, visits to children’s and rehabilitation homes, and more.

1 to 1 Mentoring

In our structured mentoring programme, a supportive and caring mentor will be matched and work personally with a young person. The mentor builds a trusting relationship with the young person, offering guidance, support, and encouragement to cultivate the youth’s positive and healthy development.

Educational Support

Many of the young adults we support with education are often up to five years behind where their age dictates they should be, with some having not yet finished primary schooling. The gift of an education to a young person in Guatemala under such circumstances is craved and valued. An education for one of our young people lifts self-confidence, knowledge and employability prospects.

Resettlement & Crisis Support

Our Crisis Support service provides assistance when needed the most – picking up the pieces and allowing young people to create positive strategies to break the cycle of negative reactions. Providing immediate response within a safe environment through a trusted adult helps to bring clarity and calmness in a stressful situation. Examples of situations in which we offer support include self-harm, extortion, domestic and gang violence, bereavement and rejection.



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