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Nicodemus has a heart and passion to engage the global church and charities with relevant and topical resources that equip community leaders and volunteers to serve the most marginalised and at-risk individuals so they can overcome disadvantage and inspire positive change. 



  • Specialist Mentoring 

  • Child Sexual Exploitation 

  • Youth Mentoring Programme Coordination 

  • Governance & Legal Compliance 

  • Project Planning & Management 

  • Community Analysis 




At the root of our resources is the sharing of knowledge and experience of young people who themselves have lived on the streets, spent a childhood in a residential home, or are living in marginalised communities with many suffering from varying struggles with mental health and generational poverty.  


Those who have broken their cycle and have become community leaders and mentors inspire the development of our resources. They have become the bedrock of motivation behind us equipping and empowering the global church with relevant and topical resources. 

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