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Girls Home - Sweet Fifteen

Birthday celebrations at the My Special Treasure Protection Home.

In Guatemala and parts of Latin America it is tradition to celebrate a girl’s ‘Quinceañera’ – their fifteenth birthday. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other as it marks the transition from childhood to young womanhood. A celebration service, cake and big colourful dresses often mark the occasion!

The Sweet Fifteen Girls from My Special Treasure. (Above)

Recently My Special Treasure celebrated the quinceañeras of five girls. A celebration of thanks to God took place giving thanks for the good things He has done in their lives. To start off the ‘damas’ (‘bridesmaids’), Mariana, Lucrecia and Pamela, entered carrying a Bible and rings for each of the five girls. These three girls were very excited to participate in this celebration.

Jenny (above) recieving her ring.

There was live music at the celebration. All the girls at My Special Treasure participated in the event, doing choreographies in honour of the quinceañera girls! Pastor Luis, from the ‘Sendero de Amor’ church, prayed for the girls asking that God would guide them in this new stage of their lives.

“When I was little I always dreamed about celebrating my 15th birthday. The day arrived thatI dreamed of! It was very fun and for myself a dream fulfilled. Firstly, I always dreamed of having a light blue dress and that’s what I had! In reality I am very grateful to God to allow me to celebrate 15 years and to give me the gift of celebrating my day. I felt very well and very spoiled. Thank you for everything.” - Karla

Following this the girls were awarded their rings and a diploma. We are grateful that we were able to buy the girls rings. Next a lunch was shared with all the guests and then the cake was cut as everyone sang to the girls!

“…I am grateful for my family at My Special Treasure.” Anaí


“I loved celebrating my quinceañera because I felt like a princess. I loved everything – the food, the guests that came, the songs, etc. Everything was incredible because it was all for us.” Diana

The girls were very excited and emotional that they could celebrate their 15th birthdays as this is a dream for every girl growing up. The girls are very grateful to God to have had the privilege to celebrate, to have good health and to have reached this next stage of their lives.


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