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Face packs, fun and feeling loved

For many of the girls living at the My Special Treasure Protection Home that Nicodemus helps support, their bodies are a means of survival or the focus of abuse.

‘Many of the teenage girls have experienced difficult situations,’ explains Kim, Nicodemus’s Community and Transition Coordinator. ‘They may have been abused, or have had to work from an early age.’ So when Nicodemus staff and volunteers spent an afternoon at the My Special Treasure Protection Home armed with nail polish, make up and face packs, they had a very specific agenda: to show these girls that they are loved, and to reinforce the value that God puts on them. ‘We prepared a spa afternoon so that they could have time to relax and pamper themselves,’ says Kim. ‘The teenage girls really enjoyed it. Some of them had never had their hair straightened or curled their hair. Others had never painted their nails. But they loved doing these things together and telling each other how beautiful they looked.’ During the afternoon, the girls were reminded of the verses from Psalm 139 about being wonderfully made by God.

‘We want them to love who they are, remembering they are a wonder of God’

‘God created the girls beautifully and formed every detail of their body,’ says Kim. ‘Due to their difficulties, many of the girls think of their bodies negatively. We want them to love who they are, remembering they are a wonder of God. No matter the colour of our eyes, hair, skin or weight of our body, the interior is what creates our outer beauty.’ Please pray: · For the continued healing of the hearts and minds of these girls who have had difficult lives. · For energy and wisdom for the staff and volunteers helping to care for the girls.


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