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Jessica's Story

For many years the Time of Rescue crisis support team have worked with many young people who live on the streets of Guatemala. With one group on the streets in particular, the team have built strong relationships, rescued, restored and have helped them to rebuild their lives away from the streets and move into safe homes and join the Youth Mentoring Programme.

Jessica, 2014, with street gang

The following story is hard to read but the result is positive and one to celebrate. Please bear with the start of Jessica’s story and meet us at the end where we celebrate the rescue of Jessica and her family.

Jessica was part of the street gang ‘Utitlan’ for many years with her late partner Jorge who sadly died in 2017. Her relationship with the streets has always had its challenges. She has yoyo-ed on and off the streets over the years, battled with addiction, given birth to 3 children and lost her sight during the process. During this last year she has been living in a small room in a very dangerous community. Her neighbours are drunks and drug addicts, her floor is dirty with cockroaches roaming around and her eldest of 7 years is on the edge of leaving home and living on the streets.

Jessica talking with Cesar about her living conditions , Oct 2018

Her youngest child of 6 months, has bronchitis and her eldest son of 7 years has been hanging out with a group of older boys. He is taking drugs, stealing and sometimes not returning home. Jessica is blind and he escapes very easily from her. At times he is not returning home until 11 or 12 at night. His mental age is more like a 15 year old. A street mentality has been ingrained into him from birth. His future is bleak and will result in street living and gang activity if things do not change.

During the last couple of months Cesar, who heads up the street rescue team, has been in conversation with Jessica about the severity of her situation. Earlier this week Jessica said to Cesar, "Please take me out of this cave of rats." Increasingly she has become desperate and is finally listening to the advice Cesar has given.

Jessica with her eldest son when they used to live on the streets, Oct 2013

With much resistance from Jessica and with the fear that her children will be taken away from her, she has finally agreed to speak to the courts to find a solution. We hoped that this family would not be broken up and we are excited to report that Jessica and her three boys will be taken to a safe home where they can all receive the help and restoration they need.

In the words of Cesar, “We can say ‘mission accomplished’ and the glory to God. Thanks to you for your prayers.”

We want to thank the Time of Rescue crisis support team for the perseverance and patience they have with young people like Jessica that they meet week after week on the streets in Guatemala. We know that your determination and love has resulted in a great outcome for Jessica and her boys and we thank-you for all the work you continue to do with many street living children. We hope and pray many more will be rescued because of the love the the team shower upon these young people.

In first 9 months of 2018 in Guatemala:

260 Young People Rescued from the streets

1300 street children had contact with street team

241 received first aid

93 taken to hospital

23 deaths

Can you help Nicodemus see more young people rescued, restored and released to a new life?

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