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Street child to Firewoman - Jossy

Today at Nicodemus, we want to celebrate what God has done in the life of Jossy in Guatemala. Six years ago she was rescued from the street by ‘Time of Rescue’ crisis support team, a project we partner with, and continued the transformation God had planned for her life.

“I saw a chance to be off the streets and have a better future.”

Jossy completed her school education and went on to train as a ‘bombero’ (firewoman/paramedic). Now she is volunteering with a bombero group and with them is attending the tragic results of 'Storm Eta' at the weekend that caused massive landslides and the loss of lives in central Guatemala.

“I could not afford to study but when Jonnie told me about the opportunity to study I got really excited about furthering my education”

Jossy is a great example of how a person can realise the potential God has planned for every individual by using the gifts and talents He places in us.

“I believe that my testimony is helpful to my old friends. I tell them “You are important. You can also leave the streets”

Nicodemus believes in young people and together we can do more to enable the transformation in the lives of many more young people in latin America. Please take a look around our website to discover how you can use your God-given gifts and talents to make a difference to someone else today.

From my hear, thank-you very much, for your support and believing in me”


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