Young Adults Graduate 2015!!

This time of the year we celebrate members of Young Adults With Purpose movement (Guatemala and UK) who have graduated, either from formal education, university, technical course or progressed to a different stage of our program. Different young adults have taken journeys throughout their lifetimes encountering different life challenges, those of which have impacted upon their freedom to study over the years. For these young adults graduating, albeit at more advanced ages than might be the norm, they testify that it is never too late to reach their dreams.

Through the young adults movement as the young people are mentored, challenged, maturing, helping others and learning, their confidence and hopes increase and dreams become reality. Becoming a professional in an academic area is a great achievement for these young adults. So, without further ado we will introduce you to the graduants of 2015 with a few words they have to say:

Melissa Thornton (left)

"I am pleased to have become a Youth Ambassador and look forward to being a part of Young Adults with Purpose and helping with group and community activities. I am now learning to become a Hair dresser."

Gerson Muñoz

“My life has been difficult. I have grown up away from my family. But God has taught me through these times that He loves me a lot. I have recently graduated from secondary school specializing as an Auto-Mechanic. This year of study has been very difficult but God has been very good and he allowed that I could achieve this triumph! This qualification will allow me to continue on to the next stage of my studies. I trust completely in God in that He has given me a life with a big purpose. I hope to give my life fully to God and be a blessing to others.”

Alejandra Oroxón (middle)

“I qualified as a professional Make-Up artist. I feel very blessed by God to have reached this goal. This qualification will allow me to start to work as a solo artist. I hope to promote not only my own work as a make-up artist, but also to donate to and train single mothers at risk who wish to learn this profession.”

Kimberly Aroche

“I give thanks to God for this year because it has been a blessing. Spiritually I have grown in different areas working in my church. This year I graduated from university in Business Administration. This title is very important for me as it will open new doors for work and will hopefully lead to a better quality of life for my family. I give thanks to God for the great gift of studying.”

Boris Canas

“Having grown up in a poor family I never had the opportunity to graduate from secondary school until now (aged 23). I graduated in Sciences and Languages, specializing in I.T. This year I got married and together with my wife we are very grateful for my opportunity to study. This title will enable me to obtain formal work so that I can sustain my family. Also I am hoping to help one of my younger brothers so that he can continue studying.”

Miriam Morales

“This year I have graduated from a technical course in ‘Culture of Beauty.’ I come from a difficult family background. My mother works at the rubbish dump recycling materials. My father makes and repairs shoes. He buys or rummages for shoes in the rubbish dump, repairs them and sells them. My qualification will help me to find a job and help my parents. I hope to be a young person who can sustain myself and I hope to continue studying to develop my profession.”

Melvin Mendez

“At the moment I work so that my mother does not need to go out to look for work. Now that I have reached my goal of graduating from secondary school, in Sciences and Languages, I can now think about going to university and helping my family. I feel hugely grateful to have this opportunity. Graduating from secondary school helps consolidate my position at my work as my supervisors will see I am developing in my academic area. I hope to reach high goals where God wants to take me.”

Verónica Mejía (middle)

“I grew up in a loving family although in problematic economic circumstances. This year I graduated from secondary school specializing as a Primary school teacher. My biggest desire is to help many children and young people to achieve their dreams. I want to teach children to read and write and do many things. With my profession I will be able to do this.”

Juan Carlos

“This year I graduated from secondary school specializing in Accountancy. I live with just my mum. We have been through difficult circumstances together, many of which we were not sure how we would get out of. We are very grateful to God for the opportunity I have had to study. This year I did my work experience for two months at a local business. Through that they gave me a job and now I am able to start supporting my mum with our house costs.”

Billy Foster

"This year has been a rollercoaster and I have really appreciated my mentor helping me. I am looking forward to my new role as Youth Ambassador for Young Adults with Purpose. Next year I plan to develop my retail skills."

Linda Noriega (right)

“This year I graduated from secondary school specializing in Accountancy. This year has been a difficult one for me personally but I am very grateful to God to have received the opportunity to study. Through studying and gaining qualifications I hope to be able to provide for my baby and future and obtain a good job.”

Gladys Canel

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to graduate this year as a Bilingual Secretary as part of my secondary schooling. God has worked in my life greatly over the last few years and I am grateful to Him for the opportunities He provides. As part of my work experience I worked at AMG, an organisation serving thousands of children in Guatemala and the world. This was a great privilege and experience for me.

Vanessa Lopez

"My degree is an important stage in order to enable me to help in the educative area of marginalised families. My degree allows me to be a director of the Education Centre, a project also supported by the Nicodemus Trust, and to orientate the teachers to improve their quality of teaching. A few years ago my family started dreaming of having a college to help children who cannot study. Now, with the Education Centre, this is a reality and a blessing from God."

We want to congratulate all young adults in Young Adults with Purpose who have graduated this year - Nicodemus Trust