YAPG 2014 Camp: Reviving Your Dreams

At the camp were members of the Young Adults with Purpose in Guatemala movement as well as Cesar, Carlos, Samantha and Sandy of Time of Rescue, another project supported by the Nicodemus Trust. The aim was to encourage the Young Adults to continue fighting for their dreams with God at first place in their lives.

Many of the Young Adults have had a difficult year for differing reasons including family, finances and sickness. The camp was a special time to have everyone together for a couple of days – playing games, eating, listening for God’s direction and inspiration on their lives and in doing so with others overcoming personal difficulties but also seeking personal improvement with a passion to serve and help others in their communities and country.

Sandy, 24, a young lady who has lived on the streets of Guatemala City for almost all her lifetime and is being supported by the work of Time of Rescue gave her testimony to the Young Adults. Sandy is very close to leaving the streets and over the last few months she has been taking the necessary positive life decisions to help her leave the street lifestyle she is currently moving away from.

Sandy encouraged the Young Adults, themselves having overcome addiction and been rehabilitated from a previous lifestyle, to make the most of each opportunity they have. Her testimony and words of inspiration were very encouraging. From the position of a young person living on the streets, Sandy demonstrates that despite one’s past that one can still give abundantly to the lives of others.

Overall the camp was a great success. The Young Adults had fun and were encouraged by the truth that God is interested in their dreams. It was exciting to see the Young Adults starting to believe more that they themselves can have a promising future and have an impact upon their own communities.

Nelson Juarez

Coordinator of ‘Young Adults with Purpose in Chimaltenango’