No matter whats going on someone will listen

One thing we have learnt this year is the value in listening. Whether it’s with the young people struggling to make their next pay cheque or our partners who’re seeing the huge need but can’t fully support their service users with the restrictions. Sometimes we need another ear or a smiling face to help process how we’re going to take the next steps.

Knowing someone is there rooting for you can make a huge difference. Sometimes YOU have the capability to be that EAR for someone else.

Our virtual specialist mentoring programme supports vulnerable young people aged 11-25 years old, with enterprise, employability, housing, parenting, relationships and mental health. We are reaching out to those who are most at risk of abuse, criminal activity, exploitation, unemployment and neglect and working with them to lead the positive changes in their lives.

This is a collaborative process which is person-led, through which individuals are empowered to make positive changes in their lives, helping to develop confidence and life skills.

Many of the people that we have worked with said that they were struggling with the initial Lockdown. It was impacting heavily on their anxiety and depression, but they said that they were happy to have someone that they could speak to on a regular basis in the midst of the pandemic, because it helped towards alleviating their fears and helped to build their confidence to navigate the ‘new normal’ coming out of Lockdown. The Covid-19 Pandemic has led to many local services closing down permanently or being over-capacity, therefore leaving vast numbers of vulnerable people on endless waiting lists for the critical support they need. The sudden loss of emotional and peer support for many months has resulted in an urgent demand for recovery support, as people transition out of Lockdown and face the ‘new normal’.

We’re responding to service users’ needs by covering topics including:

  • Enterprise, careers and employability 

  • CV writing and preparing for interview

  • Overcoming anxiety; developing life-skills, communication and citizenship

  • Exploring home-working opportunities and developing the skills in order to manage time efficiently.

To find out more about Nicodemus Virtual Specialist Mentoring programme or refer someone to our services please contact us via this link and fill out the form at the bottom of the page and someone will be in touch: Sign up // Referral form >