Target Practice

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

A bunch of young people came along to a Nicodemus monthly Hub yesterday. They all live in the Foyer in Banbury, a residential supported housing unit for those who can't live at home for a variety of different reasons, between the ages of 16-21 years.

Darren and Becky have volunteered their time to come along each month to help at the Hub. Darren loves outdoor activities and asked if he could give the young people an opportunity to learn some new skills and have some fun.

Darren set up some targets and showed the young people how to shoot (please note all risk assessments were undertaken prior to this event!). In a world where guns have a negative connotation, tonight allowed the young people to engage with a powerful tool in a positive way, but also feel the power behind a gun. However, when it is used in a safe environment they all expressed a sense of achievement when they hit the paper target.

After some target practice we all came inside for hot drinks and snacks. Some of the girls had their nails painted and we simply spent time chatting, listening to music and hanging out. Sometimes the simplest of evenings are just what these young people need. Nothing over the top, just a chance to get out of the claustrophobic environment they live in and be invited into a safe, warm and loving home.

Relationships, love and time is how trust is built. Taking these young people out of their depressing, toxic and mundane environments, inviting them into a fresh, friendly and new place, gives them the opportunity to relax and respond in a responsible and mature way.

Hubs are a great place to start for both the young person and those wanting to get involved with Nicodemus. If you would like to meet the Young Adults to help you decide to volunteer your time then come along to a Hub. Please contact or please fill in our volunteer sign up form - click here...

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