Updated: Nov 29, 2018

There are currently 4 Young Adults involved in training being given by Emma Jenkins who reached the top of her field in marketing and sales by the time she was 30. She has traveled around the world and even quit her job last year to volunteer for Nicodemus in Guatemala. When Emma returned to the UK she asked if there was anything she could do to help Nicodemus locally. She is now training 4 Young People how to make calls to schools offering to present the ‘’Survivor’’ course (a domestic abuse awareness course). All 4 of these young people have been victims of domestic abuse and now want to take their past experiences and make sure that others can know the signs and find help if they have or are struggling with domestic abuse.

One of our regular Young People, Rhiannon is about to move out of Rachel House ( a home for young mothers). She is doing extremely well in herself and is attending the training. Rhiannon has just ended an abusive relationship with her daughter’s father as she said she had realised through being involved with making ‘’Survivor’’ that she did not have to put up with his behaviour any longer!

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