Rehab Center - Young Adult Activity

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

'Young Adults with Purpose' organises different community activities. They went to a rehab center for men on the outskirts of Guatemala City. which 'Time of Rescue' partner with to place rescues from street life.'

This particular rehab center is like no other, there is no medical attention, all their recovery is through prayer, bible study and worship. Nothing more nothing less. The rescuer for these men is Jesus, they fully rely on him to transform and change them from the inside out.


Personal Prayer - Am

Collective prayer


2 hour service

1 Hour bible study/reading


Free time

Clean up


2 hour service


Kimberly (Young Adult) talking to the men.

The Young Adults prepared food and drink for the men and Kimberly, a Young Adult, who comes from a very dangerous part of the city, La Limonada, spoke from the book of James, with great passion. She talked about the challenges she and her family had experienced and how they had overcome loosing a son / brother through gang activity and how abuse amongst the family was changed and transformed by a relationship with God.

Young Adults preparing and handing out food to the men

I would expect a place filled with recovering drug and alchol abusers to be a bit edgy. Some of the men did look a bit pale (to be expected) but there was such a sense of calm and an eager spirit amongst them. You could see they wanted to recieve and absorb all that was being fed to them both spiritually and of course the tacos covered with salsa and cheese prepared by the Young Adults.

Steve Miles from the Source Church in Brackley and presenter of UCB's "World of Hope" spoke from the book of James, talking about how we are enticed and tempted, reeled into a false sense of security, but that God is better. The men really engaged with Steve's talk, eyes fixed on him as he spoke with great passion and truth. They so needed to hear that God is better, to be really encouraged and reminded that God is better than what they had been giving into. That they were in a place where they were taking steps towards him, where life would be better because their focus was on God.

Men recieving a talk from Steve (Pastor of Source Church Brackley and UCB 'World of Hope' presenter)

Written by Becky Welford

Photographer & Designer