Pregnant during a pandemic

Hi my name’s Sharnice. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant during this pandemic and due on October 6th with our first child, a baby boy.

How has it been being pregnant during a pandemic?

Well, there have been highs as well as the lows. The biggest thing for me has been not being able to see my family and friends. We have longed for a baby for quite a while now and found out I was 5 weeks pregnant back in the beginning of February.

We were so excited to share our news, but wanted to wait until we had a private scan at 9 weeks to check everything was looking healthy and on track. Last spring we unfortunately lost a baby due to miscarriage at 8 weeks gestation; so this time round we were definitely more cautious with getting excited before seeing that everything was going well.

Much to our relief and joy, we had our first scan and all looked good! We were beyond thrilled and felt like we could finally tell our close family and friends. At the same time, the world was becoming weary of the new and unheard of disease, COVID-19.

At the time, I was working away in Bristol and living out of hotels during the week, doing the 4 hour commute from mine and my fiancé’s house in Kent at 5am on a Monday morning and not returning until late on a Thursday night. Along with the dreaded sickness I was facing (may I point out that this is ALL DAY not just morning!) and the tiredness of all of the travel along with growing a tiny human and missing being with my partner every day; this was slowly grating on us.

It’s fair to say that when the lockdown started at the end of March, I was quite relieved to know I was able to work from home! This is one of the biggest bonuses from being pregnant in lockdown for me. I was now able to be at home with my partner every night, not have the long travelling times, and eat home cooked nutritious food again instead of eating in restaurants each night!

Another big plus for me, was the fact that I could be sick in my own toilet throughout the day around my meetings, and feel like absolute death but still be able to do my work each day. I’m able to effectively carry out my job my home with no problems! Another perk is that I haven’t had to buy a whole new wardrobe’s worth of work maternity clothes.

So enough with the positives, let me zoom in on the other negatives of being pregnant in a pandemic. I feel like I have missed out on the big gender reveal, the baby shower with all of our nearest and dearest, being able to walk around countless baby shops and choose the cutest and softest outfits; instead it has been scrolling through the websites and hoping for the best.

My partner hasn’t been to any of the scans at the hospital or to any of the midwife appointments. I feel sad for him that he hasn’t been able to experience these, but he has been so good and understanding and gets so excited when I come home with the new scan pictures or a video of the heart beating which my lovely midwife allows me to record.

Most of all, I miss my Mum!

She lives 6 hours drive away but we finally managed to meet up for a socially distanced walk at the beginning of June. Although she couldn’t feel my bump or give me a cuddle, it really uplifted me being able to see her in person. I’m not much of a home girl and have lived away from my parents for quite some time now, but I think every woman really does need their mum when we are becoming a mummy ourselves!

Overall, being pregnant in a pandemic is completely different to what I had initially hoped for in my pregnancy ideal image. I was hoping to be able to go swimming and do pre-natal yoga, as well as lots of girly time with my besties and more family time. My partner and I haven’t been able to go out on any last date nights just us two or go on a baby moon to Italy which is what we had planned. I haven’t had other ladies swooning over my bump or asking how long I have left, or people offer me their seat on the tube – I was especially looking forward to this one as we all know that doesn’t happen in normal life! But I really am so thankful for the extra quality time my fiancé and I have had together, I’ve been able to sleep in our comfy bed each night and he has been able to be here for all of the kicks and movements and talk to his son every evening which is so special.

Nothing could have ever prepared me for being pregnant in a pandemic, but I am taking the little victories with me and reminding myself that I am growing a child inside me and that is so precious in itself. Hopefully I will get to experience all of the ‘normal’ aspects of being pregnant with baby number 2, more of an excuse to go a big overboard second time round I’d say!

Hang in there mummies, we’ve got this. If we can get through growing a tiny human during a pandemic, then let us hope it is preparing us just that slight bit more for motherhood. This is the easy part!