"Please don't forget about me"

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

With 2018 in full swing we just want to look back a month and thank all those who came and helped and donated to our Christmas Campaign "Please don't forget about me this Christmas"

According to national statistics nearly 130,00 children woke up homeless this past Christmas.

In 2017 child homelessness reached a ten year high, "with an astounding number of children living on the streets or in temporary accommodation"

This year we launched an appeal to help those in need, "Please don't forget about me" captured the feeling many of the young people we directly work with can feel especially at this time of year.

Sammy, one of the young people we support, in previous years has been to anxious to join in with our annual Christmas meal. This year was different, her confidence has grown and her anxiety has shifted. Not only did she join in with the fun but she headed up the cooking team and joined in with the party. Please listen to the video above, where Sammy reflects on her experience of Christmas with Nicodemus.

"Please don't forget about me" Isn't just a Christmas campaign. Many of our young people feel forgotten about all year round and hide in the shadows. Sammy was one of them, but through the work of Nicodemus her life has been transformed.

Please #TransformALife with Nicodemus today

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