Miracles in the Making…

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Two amazing stories of Alejandra and Gerson who are celebrating and recognising their achievements!


When Alejandra lived on the streets (above)

“I gave birth to my baby girl whilst living on the streets. She developed a severe heart condition after being born and was in intensive care for months. It was during this painful experience that I made a pact with God that if my baby survived I would leave the streets, fully rehabilitate, and do everything to take care of her. To this day, a year and a half later, with the help of God I have kept that promise.” – Alejandra, formerly living on the streets of Guatemala

Alejandra represents perseverance and love and is an example of how to achieve immeasurable goals. Falling into an addiction often feels like one is stuck in a huge pit that cannot be climbed out of. With the close and consistent support of Time of Rescue (a street rescue project) and a personal dedication to God, Alejandra has achieved incredible amounts in the last year and a half.

Alejandra (above) with Pastor Luis and her daughter receiving an achievement for leaving the streets and joining the YAPG movement.

Alejandra was one of many young adults celebrating significant achievements at a recent event for ex-street youth and members of ‘Young Adults with Purpose’ (a Mentoring Project). Many of the young adults have achieved goals that they themselves, their peers and society may have deemed as unreachable; whether that be graduating from university or breaking away from an addiction. These young adults prove that, despite their past and the family backgrounds they come from, significant achievements can be met. Recognition of these achievements therefore is well merited and of upmost importance.

Young adults and their mentors from ‘Young Adults with Purpose’, Time of Rescue and some ex-street youth like Alejandra gave testimonies, played team games, received certificates and enjoyed eating the local specialty ‘tamales’.


Gerson (left) living rough on the streets 2013, Gerson (right) 2014, off the streets now helping the Time of Rescue street team, cutting an old friends toenails!

“I grew up in a dysfunctional family with a lot of abuse at home. I ran away to live on the streets where life was better for me than at home. I did not want to go back and the streets became my home. I begged for money and looked for things to sell. I was beaten by the police and we had to run and hide to find different places to sleep.” - Gerson

He describes what is a reality for many children, because of their abusive family life, they chose to live on Guatemala’s streets today. Gerson, who featured in the UCB ‘World of Hope: Nicodemus in Guatemala’ TV documentary, gave his testimony and spoke about his journey from the depths of street living and addiction to graduating as an Auto-Mechanic.

“It is a miracle that I have achieved what I have. I am now a qualified Auto-Mechanic and next year I will start to study Theology at university. God has never left me. I don’t want to use my life just working for money but with my testimony I want to teach young people and be an example to them, testifying to everything God has done in my life.” - Gerson

Gerson helping out with the Time of Rescue team, praying and encouraging an old friend to come off the streets.

Gerson’s story is just one of many stories of young adults. As a member of ‘Young Adults with Purpose’ he demonstrates that despite terrible experiences and from living in harsh environments, they can thrive, grow and positively impact the lives of others.

In achieving a goal, it is important that it is recognized. Recognition provides a time to stop, pause, reflect, applaud, congratulate and dream about the next steps in a public setting; one of friendly faces, family, friends, mentors and leaders providing the environment in which a significant memory is created. We all love to be recognized by our peers when we achieve something great.

Gerson (left), volunteering with at a community project that support children living in extreme poverty.

So, although at the end of this year a selection of young adults received recognition for particular achievements, well done to ALL the young adults that we support! Every one of them is on a journey, and along the way learning more and more as they are achieving what they once thought would never be possible in their lives. Miracles in the making!