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Sam, our Office Manager, has been working for Nicodemus for just over two years. These days, as well as keeping the virtual Nicodemus office afloat, she’s also training up other staff, completing successful fundraising bids and managing her own team. We caught up with her to ask her how she’s achieved so much in such a short space of time and what it’s like to work with Nicodemus.

Sam, it’s hard to imagine Nicodemus without you keeping everything ticking over – but how did you first get involved with the work?

I knew Alastair and Debbie (Nicodemus founders) from church. I’m in their life [home] group and so I knew a lot about Nicodemus from that. I was looking for some extra hours and Alastair and Debbie were looking for some extra help – so we were a perfect match!

I know it’s hard to pin down but could you describe what you do for Nicodemus?

I oversee the HR processes and inductions, and I help with interviews and recruiting. I’m still involved in fundraising but now I have a team that I manage that support me in doing that. I look after the partnership process – dealing with applications and liaising with partners. And everything else in-between! Lots of general admin, supporting Alastair and Debbie in their roles. I love it all!

You love it all – but what’s the best thing about working for Nicodemus?

I love that, with Nicodemus, we’re set up to help marginalised youth – to support and encourage and nurture their aspirations, but actually we do that for one another as well. So, as part of the team, you’re part of a family of people who really are for you and supporting you and helping you to be the best that you can be in your role and personally. So that support network gives a real sort of family feel to the team.

And what do you find most challenging about the role?

It’s a challenge because we’re growing so rapidly so the work is constant and varied, which I love but that comes with its challenges – you have to be really careful about managing workload and your time. Working virtually brings its own challenges in that you can feel isolated sometimes but, at other times, it gives you the opportunity to just crack on and get your work done.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

I love that we don’t all have to be missionaries to make a difference – that we all have our own passions and skillsets and qualities that we can bring. The people on the ground delivering the projects to the young people, that’s fantastic, but actually everyone else’s role around that in supporting and admin is just as important. So you feel that you’re making a difference, whatever area you’re involved in.

So, two years on, did you ever expect to be doing what you’re doing now?

Not in a million years! I never believed that I was able to do what I’m doing now, let alone actually be doing it! Alastair and Debbie and Ruth (our Director of Operations & Development) believing in me and seeing something in me that I didn’t even see myself has created incredible growth in my life. If you’d have asked me two years ago what my ideal job was it would probably be this – working for a charity, working from home. I love admin – which makes me a nerd – but I do love it! This is my perfect job. But if you’d asked me two years ago whether it was possible I’d be doing it I’d have said absolutely not. So it’s really testament to Alastair and Debbie and Ruth seeing something in me, and nurturing and challenging that and gently pushing me forwards.

Great, so just before we let you get back to doing your perfect job, can you give us three words that sum up working for Nicodemus for you?

Fulfilment, family, exciting!

Nicodemus are currently looking for an admin assistant to join our team. Interested? Find the details on the charityjob website. ://



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