'NIÑA MONJA BLANCA' by Alejandra Suy (aged 9)

One of the activities celebrating Guatemala Independance day was that children in ‘Education Centre’ at each grade level chose a candidate then all together to vote for the ‘Niña Monja Blanca’ which is a very important election for the children on Independance day.

Among those to be voted for was Alejandra who lives at ‘My Special Treasure’ and attends the ‘Education Centre’ she wrote about her experience.

Alejandra Suy (9 years)

My name is Alejandra and I am very happy to be in My Special Treasure and study at ‘Education Centre’ where my class friends elected me to be their candidate for ‘Niña Monja Blanca’.

On election day (Guatemala Independance day) I felt nervous because all the school children had sellected a candidate from each of their classes. Today would be the vote for ‘Niña Blanca’. When my name was mentioned mentioned, all my classmates and I jumped for joy I could not believe I had been chosen to be Niña Monya Blanca (Guatemala National flower) on Independance day. I am very happy and grateful to everyone for electing me.

I also thank God for Education Centre where they are teaching me to read and write and is very nice to be with my friends.

I ask God to send many blessings to my home (My Special Treasure), my spiritual parents and all my sisters who live with me. They are all very special to me.

Alejandra Suy (aged 9)