Education Centre: End of year Parents’ Breakfast

After the school year had culminated the Education Centre decided to put on an end of year breakfast for the children’s parents! The parents, themselves spending 7 days a week working and rummaging at the local rubbish dump, are so appreciative for the education support that their children have received this year.

A wonderful time was had! There was worship, prayers and some words from Carol, director of the My Special Treasure children’s home and mother of Vanessa, the director of the Education Centre. Girls from My Special Treasure, coordinated by Johanna from Young Adults With Purpose who works in the kitchen at the Education Centre, cooked and served breakfast to the parents. It is wonderful to see young people, as they themselves are helped, coming together to serve and help others.

Before ending another time of singing was had and the children gathered around their parents and prayed for them. Inspiring! Many of the children at the Education Centre are from families of gang members. We have heard stories of children being an inspiration to their families - encouraging their families to say thanks to God (or ‘say grace’) before mealtimes and to attend church.

These special children at the Education Centre grow up in harsh environments where they are likely to be pressurized to participate in groups and activities as they grow up that will not be good for them or their society. The Education Centre is having an incredible effect on the children’s and parents lives!