Charlotte - Trainee YLP Hub Coordinator

When did you first get involved with Nicodemus?

I got involved with Nicodemus in 2014, I thought they was really kind offering to do things and arranging hubs that were really fun to do.

Tell me a little about your past?

I never really went to school, I was pregnant at 17 and homeless at 19, living in supported housing with a young baby.

When did things start to change and how did the support of Nicodemus help?

Things started to change in 2015/16 when I got my mentor. I had massive amounts of support from her.

How are you involved with Nicodemus now?

I now work part time for Nicodemus

What does it mean to you to be a part of impacting young people in your community?

It means my life experiences are used in a positive way, to help other young people.


Trainee YLP Hub Coordinator