At ‘My Special Treasure’

residential care for girls, new home

My Special Treasure celebrated the gift of a property that will enable them to expand the amazing work and care they provide to reach many more girls. This was a day to thank God and share the My Special Treasure story and in particular Cesar and Carol’s journey.

Cesar and Carols’ work with girl’s residential care began 12 years ago and then almost 6 years ago they felt called to start a new project specializing in restoration and care of very seriously abused girls. This home was called ‘My Special Treasure’. Supporting these girls through their healing, restoration and into a successful life is a challenge but so amazingly achieved by the dedication of Cesar, Carol and their team. The girls and Cesar and Carol all declare that this is a gift from God and are excited to see God’s plans develop into the future.

Video of Girls singing at Celebration:

Steve Miles, Presenter of UCB World of Hope and Leader of the Source Church Brackley gave a devotional that in Steve’s words was a privilege to give. He gathered together all the directors of MST and asked if the girls would come and pray with them, this was a very special moment for all present.

One of the first girls in ‘My Special Treasure’ was Lisett (who was initially rescued by Cesar Garcia in his street rescue work for another project, now ‘Time of Rescue’). When Lisett left My Special Treasure she became the first young adult in ‘Young Adults with Purpose’ and demonstrated an amazing desire to help others. This was because of the input into her life of ‘My Special Treasure’. Lisett with the other girls went to Chimaltenango rubbish dump (see photo below) with ‘My Special Treasure’ to help children working on the rubbish dump to read and write. This was the beginning of ‘My Special Treasure Education Centre’ (in 2014 supports 113 children from the rubbish dump area) that is the subject of a separate blog to be written.

Here are a few photos of over the last 6 years of ‘My Special Treasure’

Plans for the future on this new site will produce an amazing ministry reaching many more girls like Lisett. Hydroponics, which Nicodemus Trust has trialed in their existing home, will be expanded along with sewing and other skills will be taught on this new property.

We look forward to supporting ‘My Special Treasure’ and plan to continue supporting them as they grow. Clearly this will need additional funds to operate and serve more girls and we are committed to doing this.

This was a very special day and it is a privilege to support the amazing ministry of ‘My Special Treasure’.

Alastair and Debbie Welford

Trustees of Nicodemus Trust