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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

More children and youth rescued from street life in Guatemala with the help of Toby (aged 6), Grace (aged 4) and Joseph (aged 2)

Chris and Nikki Adlam have visited Guatemala with their children who understand their parent’s passion for street rescue. Recently Chris and Nikki explained to their children that ‘Time of Rescue’ needed a new minibus and how important a minibus is to the work to ensure safety for ‘Time of Rescue’, rapid response to street children / youth’s needs and ultimately rescues.

Chris, Nikki, Toby, Grace and Joseph

Toby and Grace had a discussion and then told Chris and Nikki, their parents, that they wanted to raise money to buy the new minibus for ‘Time of Rescue’. They are coming up with all sorts of ideas to raise funds to contribute to the remaining balance necessary to buy the minibus, which is £5,500.

Toby and Grace when visiting Guatemala

So far, their ideas include selling some toys and things from home and painting people’s nails with sparkly polish!


Every year the Adlam family at advent encourage their children to put a small amount in a ‘Giving Jar’ when they open their advent calendar each day and this year, they have already decided that this will also go in the minibus fund. The children’s excitement is infectious as little Joseph has just started speaking and shouts the word “minibus” at every opportunity!

Chris and Nikki volunteered for a street child/youth rescue project in Guatemala for over a year, when they were first married in 2005. During this time they worked with Cesar Garcia, who is now the Director of ‘Time of Rescue’.

Nikki with street children in 2005

Chris with street children in 2005

Time of Rescue’ works to rescue street children and youth in Guatemala City and is supported by the Nicodemus Trust. Children and youth who are rescued are either returned to families, returned to wider family members, care homes, psychological care or rehabilitation projects for substance and alcohol abuse restoration. In the first 9 months of 2015 ‘Time of Rescue’ rescued 124 children/youth (149 rescues in 2014).

Cesar, Time of Rescue

The Nicodemus Trust has a fund to buy the minibus for ‘Time of Rescue’ to which Toby, Grace and Joseph’s efforts will be added.

Would you consider supporting Toby, Grace and Joseph to buy a minibus for ‘Time of Rescue’? Please consider Toby and Grace’s ideas above and maybe some more!!! If you wish to use the ‘advent idea’ we can provide cups which can be used as a ‘giving jar’.

For more information about the Nicodemus Trust, please email or explore the Nicodemus Trust website

Time of Rescue’ feature in the UCB ‘World of Hope: Nicodemus in Guatemala’ documentary.