As a charity, we have adapted our strategy beyond the pandemic, to best meet the rapidly changing needs of our beneficiaries; and to provide critical support to the voluntary organisations we work in partnership with.


We equip our partners through bespoke capacity building and specialist mentoring training, whilst accompanying them as they acquire learning, develop their strategy, and implement their initiatives through effective project planning; enabling them to obtain growth and sustainability as they go on to make a lasting change in their communities. 

In doing so, we are supporting projects across the UK and Latin America, to become more strategic in their approach, so they can build bigger, grow stronger and last longer.


"Thankfully Nicodemus has been there to support us as well as our students."


“As teachers we are often faced with the dilemma that students come to us for support.  It doesn’t always require CAMHS or medical support, but is a situation where the student needs someone to talk to someone. Being able to say that I could offer them the support from Nicodemus and that the support would be fairly instant, was such a relief for the students who have benefited from this intervention. Thankfully Nicodemus has been there to support us as well as our students."


Teacher – Higham Park School Partnership