A virtual group for mums run by mums: we support each other through our different but shared experiences of the journey to motherhood.  


“Building a strong relationship between parents and their new baby will give them the best possible start in life, and will help them to grow up happy and confident”

– Unicef 


  • Bi-weekly group support sessions: our expectant mums come together virtually every two weeks, with their cup of tea, to chat, speak and share their pregnancy highs, lows, fears, anxieties and everything in between! 

  • Specialised monthly group workshops: our workshops can be booked onto and cover various topics including breastfeeding; exercising during pregnancy; feelings about birth and parenthood; preparing for labour; raising a bilingual baby... 

  • 1-1 Mentoring, Support & Guidance 



Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the mental health of vulnerable people in the community. We’ve recognised that young adults and women with worse mental health pre-pandemic, have been hit hardest: especially young pregnant women, who have had to face much of this crisis alone. The loss of antenatal classes and the lack of support particularly through facing scans and appointments alone, has left many of the young mothers that we have engaged with, battling with anxiety; fearful about how to transition into motherhood alone and what it will be like in a post–Covid-19 world. 


Through this project we aim to provide early intervention support to young vulnerable people, and predominantly young mums’ at risk: we plan to do this through specialised workshops and one to one specialist mentoring. 

We will look to support in the following areas (but not limited to): 

  • Mental Health/Wellbeing 

  • Pregnancy (during, post) 

  • Physical health 

  • Isolation 

  • Education (life skills) 

  • Accommodation/food/clothing/benefits 

  • Employability 

  • Cultural issues 

  • Language barriers 

  • Relationships 

Overall, we will support parents to-be, with their emotional and mental well-being through pregnancy. 

Research shows that when parents fail to meet the emotional, physical, and mental needs of their child, it can lead to the development of future mental challenges. When a child experiences neglect at a young age, it often manifests into deep rooted issues that can stay throughout the child’s life.  

This is where we come in: we hope that through our early intervention strategy, it will significantly lessen the risk of these children becoming at risk of neglect, poverty, abuse, mental health challenges, going into foster care, or getting involved in anti-social behaviour or crime. 

We hope that some of the mothers who take this journey with us can in turn, provide hope to those around them who struggle as they have. 


To refer someone to our services please contact us and we can explain our referral process and send out a form for you to complete. 



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