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Analysing your organisation is a great place to start and the real success of any organisation is not how quickly it grows, but rather how long the organisation lasts. Does your organisation take challenges head on as you pass through the seasons and changing circumstances? In 10 years time will your organisation still be meeting people’s needs in a relevant way?


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Introduction to the course 

5 sessions

2 resource downloads 
Language - English 
Level 1 - Introductory 
Unlimited access  

Watch online via password protected page

Course description

We want to maximise upon the opportunities you have and help you become that innovative organisation in your community. In our ‘Organisational Analysis’ course we will look at your organisations culture, which is the bedrock of your progress, ensuring you are building a healthy team. We will also go through how the internal roles of our organisation and external influences play a part on the bigger picture of your organisation’s direction. To support you with your organisation’s analysis we will look at a case study together and show you how a key analytic tool can help you draw together conclusions, celebrate and build upon your strengths, overcome, and identify weaknesses preventing them from becoming a threat to your organisation. 


We look at helping you to review and strategically analyse the health, operations, and structures of your organisation. We are passionate about empowering you as a front-line practitioner; equipping you with the necessary skills and resources to inspire positive change across your community, to build your capacity and to become more sustainable. 

Video Sessions

Introduction to Organisational Analysis


Analysing your culture​

Analysing your team​

Analysing the big picture

Case Study



Resource Downloads

SWOT Analysis template

Available to download upon purchase of course

We’re going to take you through a SWOT analysis which is a key analytic tool that will help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of our organisations. Analysing your organisation is a really great place to start and it's really critical to any long-term success. 

Available to download upon purchase of course

Organisational role template

An organisation with an unhealthy culture is one where people are not working together and competing against each other. This will not produce long-term fruit so it's important to make sure the root of your culture is healthy to ensure the strength, longevity, and effectiveness of your organisation. 


I feel empowered and energized by this training course; thank you!

Salem Church, South Wales

I must say that I found the training to be very informative and well-presented and led by you.  I am looking forward to the next training session.

All Saints Church, Kensington

I found the session helpful in systematically considering the different topics we covered. I felt we benefitted too from being given the opportunity to systematically analyse the various concepts we covered.

The Gathering Place, South Wales

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