Offering refuge, specialist support and practical care

Through our direct delivery, Nicodemus provides specialist support for marginalised children, young people, individuals, and families within deprived communities who feel excluded, forgotten and are therefore at risk in society.


We support those most isolated, who lack adequate support networks, confidence, feel alone, and who have limited opportunities available to them: many of whom are also escaping abuse, gangs, violence and criminal activity, this could be due to:

  • Poverty

  • Language and culture

  • Remoteness of location

  • Age or poor physical mental or emotional health

  • Fear of stigma and prejudice


"Nicodemus have helped me to leave the streets, get back into society and be a young adult with purpose and dreams. I have seen may changes in my life. I never imagined achieving what I have now."


We believe that each individual matters: and that every person deserves the opportunity to be supported through lifelong and meaningful change.

Our Aims

Our projects are holistic in nature, tailored to meet the individual needs of those we are supporting. Through our direct delivery, Nicodemus supports marginalised individuals to grow in faith, and to develop essential life skills as they begin to realise their potential aiming to help individuals to:


  • Develop their self-esteem

  • Overcome trauma and disadvantage

  • Develop essential skills for life 

  • Increasing access to education, employment and improving income opportunities

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“Since having my counselling sessions, I feel so much better and so much more confident in myself. Having someone to talk to and debrief to every week helped my mental well-being a great deal and I couldn’t be more thankful." – Young person mentored by Nicodemus

Our Outcome: Rescue, restore and rebuild lives

As we work to rescue, restore and rebuild the lives of those with the poorest life chances, we are enabling marginalised individuals to move forward in their lives independently, enabling ongoing transformation in not only their lives but also for the people around them by:


  • Encouraging them to become active in their community

  • Empowering them as leaders

  • Equipping them with the skills to mentor, guide and bring hope to others