Transform a life today.

£3 could provide feet and hair care for a street living person.

£5 could provide a personal hygiene kit for a teenage girl living in a child protection home.

£10 could provide a young person with a Psychology consultation.

£12 could equip a child who works on their local rubbish dump with a stationary kit so they can go to school.

£25 could provide a crisis food & hygiene pack for a young person.

Seeing communities standing together to relieve poverty

We strongly believe that young people have the potential to transform their lives and communities. We journey with them every step of the way through our youth mentoring programmes; rescuing and restoring young people by equipping and empowering them with the necessary skills and resources to achieve a safe and secure transition into young adulthood.



Please help us break the cycle of disadvantage.

£5/month could give 3 street living young people access to crisis medical support from our street rescue team.

£15/month could rescue a young person from street living and make the first steps towards reintegrating into society.

£23/month could train a mentor with the necessary skills to mentor a young person in transition to independent living.

£45/month could provide an Education Scholarship for a young person.

£100/month could give a mentored young person transitional aid, employability support and education.

Young people experiencing life in all its fullness

After the initial rescue of a young person from the streets, or from a difficult situation, we will then work with them to help them transform their own lives before inspiring them to make a difference in their community.